The Audacity of Enlightenment

Be bold!


I’ve done several posts over the last three months explaining what I know to be true about buddhadharma: that we already have buddhanature, and that enlightenment is not an extraordinary experience, but nothing other than our ordinary minds.

I wrote about this on June 30:

If you spend your life in spiritual practice so that you may attain ‘enlightenment’, you’ll never get there, because you will always be expecting that the ‘awakened state’ is something different from what you experience right now, your ordinary experience. And you will suffer for the rest of your life, because you will be always expecting something different than what you already experience, always hoping for a different state of mind that will never arrive. “Abandon all hope of fruition.” The awakened state, or enlightenment, is no different than your ordinary state of mind, whatever you normally experience on a given day. That’s what the…

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