I started this blog to introduce some simplicity into all the discussions taking place about Zen. I have been seeking a place where the direct experience of what-is can be discussed freely, without being overshadowed by a lot of history, official “party lines”, or the declarations of established Zen personalities.

Zen is for each and every one of us, I believe. It occupies the mysteries of our own hearts, independent of dogma and strictures. And it also helps us connect with the mysteries of the larger whole.

I find American flavors of Zen / Buddhism to be quite loud, and I’m creating a space here with less focus on what others have to say about things, and more focus on the direct experience of what-is. If you agree with me, that’s fine. If you don’t, that’s fine, too. Either way – just be true.

As for me… I have had an on-again-off-again sitting practice for over 20 years. From what I understand, it can be called Zazen. Or it can be called “just sitting”. Or coherent breathing. Or mindfulness. Or Focused Attention. Whatever its name, this practice has led me down some interesting paths, including ecstatic ones.

Prior to taking up sitting around 1991, I had a strong connection to the Christian mystic tradition, and I led an active yet essentially contemplative life (plus all the everyday details that go with knocking around on Earth).

I still do feel a strong connection with mystic traditions; now that connection is wider than ever. Christian roots are still part of it, with the addition of what else seems True to me and my experience.


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